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Tools to clean the Conficker virus

Conficker virus or often called Downup, Downadup or Kido, began there in

2008 and the attack on windows xp. This virus (Conficker) attacks through

the network.


how to diagnose affected by Conficker computer test online : CLICK HERE


General characteristics of conficker virus infected computers, as follows:

1. on a computer display an error message Generic Host Process

2. can not access antivirus sites

3. antivirus can not update

4. can not run certain applications


Here are some tools that are specially made to clean the conficker virus:

1.  Kido Killer (tools from Kaspersky)

Download      Official Site

2.  W32.Downadup Removal (tools from Symantec)

Download      Official Site

3.  EConfickerRemover (tools of ESET/NOD32)

Download       Official Site

4.  Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (tools from Microsoft)

Download       Official Site

5. SysClean-WORM DOWNAD (tools from Trend-Micro)

Download       Official Site

6. F-Downadup (tools from F-Secure)

Download       Official Site

7.  Symantec Removal Tools (tools from symantec)

Download       Official Site


above tools have been tested and works well to clean the computer from conficker.


good luck and I hope this article helps you

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