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Private Server Update NOD32

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • install webserver
  • Install webmin
  • Create create directory /var/www/update

mkdir /var/www/update

chmod 777 var/www/update

  • Open webmin :  System –> Scheduled Cron Jobs –> Create a new scheduled cron job

cd /var/www/nod_upd && wget -N -r -l1 -nd -np -A ‘.nup,.ver’ http://www.com/ &&  rm -f *txt*

  • RUN at midnight
  • Test Running
  • find server mirror, use google with keyword “intitle:”index of.” (nup)“. Open update.ver, find date after string [ENGINE2] .
  • Find string group=perseus in update.ver, if there =  V4





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